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With Hathart, not only can you find the supplies you need, but also sell the supplies you don’t need, network with other professionals in the arts community, showcase your work, and find jobs.

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Your needs and concerns are our highest priority, therefore, we provide customer service to reflect that.

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When you make a purchase on Hathart, you can rest assured that your personal information is being protected by two separate Secure Sockets Layers (SSL).

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For every purchase made in the Hathart store, we will donate.

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All rental products are delivered to your house or office.

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Each product is dispatched after quality check done by us.

Catherine Watts is the Founder and the Chief Arts Lover of Hathart. But above everything, Catherine is also the person with the idea that she could create a for-profit business that is deeply committed to giving back.

The origin of this simple idea was not a recent development but instead sewed itself before Catherine was born. Her father was a huge lover of the performing and visual arts. He’s the type of man who loved listening to Disney music and showtunes while practicing his sculpting. Catherine’s father was sure to instill that same staunch devotion to his daughter.