5 Online Tools to Help You Manage Your Art Business

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5 Online Tools to Help You Manage Your Art Business

Selling your art — and managing your art business — can be easy and intuitive if you take advantage of the many online tools available for marketing, management, and discovery.

We’ve curated five of the best online tools to help you take your business to the next level. Make managing the details a breeze.

5 Online Tools That Make Business Management a Breeze

Many artists don’t want to sacrifice crucial creative time to business management. However, taking care of your business — and yourself — is a must for healthy business growth and exposure to new opportunities.

Here are five easy ways to grow, manage, and cultivate your business with online tools.

  1. Manage Your Money

While QuickBooks is the standard, new financial management apps are popping up to make tracking billing and payables painless for self-employed business owners or freelancers.

You can try FreshBooks, free apps like Wave, or customizable apps like Xero that are meant to grow along with your business.

  1. Manage Your Social (Media) Life

Exposure via social media can be a lucrative. Also, a fun way to share your creativity with friends, fans, and prospective clients.

Make sure you don’t miss a post with Buffer. A fantastic scheduling tool that will allow you to manage all of your social media accounts and posts in one sleek dashboard.

  1. Keep Tabs on Your Portfolio

Have pieces in several galleries? Planning shows, invoicing sales, and keeping track of what piece is where just got easier with Artwork Archive.

With scheduling, client management, sales, and accounting features, this powerful app will help you stay on top of all aspects of your art business. In addition, it can help you present an organized image to clients.

  1. Nurture Your Creativity

You can’t be at your creative best if you’re not taking care of yourself.

Sites like Zen Habits and MindBodyGreen offer simple ways to keep yourself healthy, centered, and inspired.

  1. Collaboration is King

Powerful inspiration is often a result of collaboration with other artists.

Joining an art community like Hathart is a great way to get insight, tips, and ideas to spark your imagination. You can also find the right partners for your next creative endeavor.

Tools that Elevate Your Artistic Expression

While these five tools will help you manage the financial, marketing, and personal side to your business, there are many resources available to artists of all kinds to enlighten, inspire, and excel.

If you’re looking for a way to increase both inspiration and outreach, Hathart provides a jobs database, a place to upload portfolios and receive feedback, and an excellent way to find other artists with whom you can collaborate.

If you want to discover how networking with other creative professionals can spark your artistic genius, join us for free at hathart.com.

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Catherine Watts5 Online Tools to Help You Manage Your Art Business