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Capturing Real Beauty from the Lenses of Lorna Simpson

This inspiring photographer wanted us to believe in the classic notion, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” through her unique captured pieces of artwork. Lorna Simpson is one of the most famous African-American photographers of today. Through her photographs, she wanted to share her story, her experiences, and her heartfelt messages, especially to the people who share the same race as her. Her exceptionally captured photos have been featured in several art gallery and international arts festival including Venice Biennale.

By: Catherine Watts


Lorna Simpson was born in Brooklyn, New York on August 13, 1960. Ever since a little angel, Lorna found herself really interested in arts and the wonderful messages it conveys through different forms. She went to High School of Art and Design in New York City to gain knowledge and practice the passion she has since she was young. Lorna decided to study painting at the New York School of Visual Arts for college. However, she chose to leave the specific form of art when she was suddenly get captured by the beauty of unmoving images.

Lorna switched from painting to photography without hesitations. While studying, she found the real reason why she was being drawn by art and photography. She wanted to identify her very own identity.

Her Unique Form of Art

After her graduation, Lorna went all around Africa and Europe to improve more of her skills at documentary photography. However, as she gained experiences, meet people and indulge into a variety of cultures, Lorna had also developed and found an inspiration to explore more of herself and more of her art’s genre.

Lorna underwent through a lot of experimentation to give more voice to her photographs. While she was earning her M.F.A at the University of California, it was far from her expectations that she would actually and triumphantly come up with a unique way of showcasing her photographs.

Her Own Story

Lorna admitted that it was not easy being a Black woman. Little did she knew, it will be the main inspiration for her unique presentation of photographs. People named her as a conceptual photographer because she was able to combine meaningful words and powerful photographs all at once.

Lorna’s artworks became served as a loud voice for marginalized people. As a black woman who experienced the society’s unfairness and baseless judgments, she used her own passion to tell hers’ and every African-American’s story. Because of the exceptional impact that her photographs gave, it was not long enough before her works were featured and exhibited on a list of art gallery and solo exhibitions.

When 1990 came, Lorna earned the title as the very first African-American beauty to display her works at an international arts festival, specifically at Venice Biennale. With her unique photographs, Lorna bravely told the heartbreaking story of her, being a woman and an African-American, but with her addition of powerful and consequential words, she also strongly showed braveness and power. Lorna was able to speak for all of the women and African-American, they are more than what can people see and there’s beauty inside each of them, all of us.

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Here’s How Halle Berry Rose Up from Her Circumstances to Reach Her Dreams

dramatic arts

Award-winning actress, Halle Berry, has been gracing the big screens with her charisma and undeniable skill set in dramatic arts. However, a lot of people never knew that this incredible woman has lived in a homeless shelter just to pursue her own dreams in the performing arts industry. So how did she dealt with all the adversities that life has thrown at her? Berry handled her obstacles by the following living through these three lessons.

By: Catherine Watts

1.    Look for a mentor, then become one

A lot of people neglect the power of mentorship among their lives: but not Berry. After Yvonne Sims, her fifth-grade teacher, took a special interest in her, Berry’s life turned around in a positive way. Sims imparted several life lessons that she wouldn’t be aware of if it wasn’t for her. Her mentor serves as an inspiration that filled her with worth and value every time they share sentiments with each other. Sims has also been Berry’s guidance whenever things get difficult and life gets tough.

Knowing the significance of having a mentor, Berry mentored numerous young individuals to share all the wisdom that she has accumulated over the years. It is also her way of giving back and passing her knowledge to those who need it most.

2.    Look at mistakes from another perspective

Mistakes are an inevitable part of life. Majority of people look at their wrongdoings as signs of failure and as something that causes distress. However, Berry learned to turn her life around by viewing her mistakes as indications that she is alive and trying. They also serve as her greatest medium of lessons through the years. In light of her divorce with Oliver Martinez, Berry stated that “Everybody, especially women, goes into marriage thinking it’s going to last forever. …So when it falls apart, it feels like a huge failure.” But instead of integrating the feeling of failure, this woman was actually grateful that she has gone through the painful experience. Berry believed that if it wasn’t for her failed marriage, she wouldn’t be in the place where she is today.

3.    Collate passion with an opportunity

When you are working hard on what you are passionate about, success will be waiting for you at the end point of your journey. This is what Halle Berry did. She once defined success as a coalescence of passion and opportunity. Berry also stated that what she did is identify all the opportunities that she has and figure out the things that she’s good at. Thus, she’s one of the great believers that opportunity and passion are the greatest recipes in achieving victory. It’s also the combination that blends well in living an intentional and purposeful life.

Berry highly believed that purpose comes in the shape of service giving. Through the years, she found that her calling lies in the welfare of women around the world. Consequently, she dedicates hue effort in raising funds for her chosen charity, which is the Jenesse Center. This institution offers programs for women who are dealing with domestic violence. Berry really wants to impart an impact among the lives of these women and she’s also an advocate of speaking up against this common yet taboo household issue.

Following your dreams is possible with hard work, proper attitude, and well-planned strategies. Take it from Halle Berry, who didn’t let her circumstances to get in the way towards the life that she’s been dreaming of.

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Top 5 Nicki Minaj Quotes for a Boost of Inspiration

the performing arts

Well-known for her undeniable rap talent, Nicki Minaj has also been an inspiration not only in the performing arts industry but also in life. Who would have thought that this award-winning woman has gone through rough experiences during her childhood? She’s also known for her rousing quotes and adages that have been circulating the internet. Here are some of the most notable ones.

By: Catherine Watts

1.    You’re not gonna tell me who I am. I’m gonna tell you who I am. – Nicki Minaj

Only you have the power to define yourself and your purpose. Don’t let any noise from the exterior insist their beliefs with who you are as a person. Just like Minaj, don’t let your bad experiences and bad relationships tell you who you are as a person. Use them as inspiration, not as identification.

2.    I will not let anyone scare me out of my full potential. – Nicki Minaj

There will be several times when other people will doubt your ability to follow your dreams. They will claim that practicality should be your best friend and that you should forget about taking risks to pursue your stoke. However, these outside uproars will do no good for the purposeful life that you are trying to achieve. Minaj is a believer that you should filter out the noises and only listen to the voices that whisper that “you can.”

3.    You have to know that as long as you love who you are — your morals, your values, that type of stuff, you’re ok. – Nicki Minaj

The world has been armed with several instances that will make you hate yourself. From the farfetched beauty advertisements you see on media to the doubts of the people surrounding you, there is a high possibility that you’ve hesitated about yourself more than once. However, Minaj agrees that everyone has the power to mute out these factors that are not helping you in any way. Trust yourself and love who you are then you’re good.

4.    I believe that life is a prize, but to live doesn’t mean you’re alive. – Nicki Minaj

Life is a privilege. However, not everyone lived their life according to their purpose. Minaj believes that everyone is meant to live and not just survive. This is the reason why she pursued rapping regardless of being a man-dominated industry. Minaj is firm in her belief that her dreams are worth all the effort and time that she has to exert. Consequently, she has reaped the benefits years later.

5.    You don’t have to feel the need to put somebody down to make yourself feel better. – Nicki Minaj

Some individuals think that bringing other people down is the best way to rise up: but not for Minaj. This incredible woman encouraged everyone to stop looking at life as a competition to succeed. Instead, she initiates people to bring up each other and work together towards victory.

These are just a few of the several Nicki Minaj quotes that serve as an inspiration to the people around the world. What’s your favorite one? Write it down in the comment section below.

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Capturing Heartfelt Stories: The Tale of Gordon Parks

By: Catherine Watts

An eye for a story: this is Gordon Parks’ most notable talent among his skill set. This iconic photographer has the power to dig deep into the emotions of those who look at his outputs. His snapshots generally portray the theme of racism and everyday life across society. By looking at his visual art photography portfolio, you’ll see images that can surely touch the deepest sentiments of your soul. Therefore, countless institutions across the world recognized Parks as one of the most notable photographers of all time.


On 1912, when discrimination against the Black community prevailed, Gordon Roger Alexander Buchanan Parks was born in a mediocre farmer’s family. Through his early childhood, this young man has been exposed to a lot of incidents that are caused by race prejudice. For instance, one of his teachers, when he was in elementary school, told Parks that he would just waste his money if he goes to college. He was also not admitted to the high school education of his town because blacks were not permitted to attend school and sports activities. When he was 11, three white boys bullied and made fun of him by throwing him in a river.

Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Parks used these experiences to fuel his motivation for his future. When he was 25, seeing the beautiful portraits of migrant workers made him interested in the field of photography. It is also this time when he became inspired to purchase his own camera. Little did he know that this would be the best investment that he made in his life.

Inspired to immerse himself in the field, he applied in multiple film companies. While on the initial stage of his career, Parks impressed a clerk who encouraged him to take his first homework in photography. Gradually, his passion led him to more projects and he began shooting more portraits with society as the theme. His racial background might make it challenging for him to accomplish recognition but this didn’t stop him in climbing his own ladder of success. With resilience and perseverance, he never failed in his endeavor to victory.

Rising Up Against All Odds

Gordon Parks is not only known for his extraordinary talent in photography. This iconic artist is also a filmmaker, composer, and writer. However, his portraits and images are his most notable pieces among all his creations. Through these snapshots, he turned all the pain of his past into pictures of the prevailing issues in the society. Parks courageously used film to print the portrayals of the discrimination that the Black community was enduring at that time.

Owing to his contribution to photography, humanitarianism, filmmaking, and writing, he received countless awards with regards to these fields. He received the Governor’s Medal of Merit, 1985 Kansan of the Year, the Spingam Medal, and the NAACP’s hugest award. These awards came from prominent institutions that recognized the talent, skills, and contribution of Parks across the globe. Who would have thought that the boy who used to be thrown in the river can swim through the strong current of life and rise up as a champion in the end?

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Going Beyond Societal Boundaries: The Story of Morgan Freeman

the performing arts

By: Catherine Watts

If you are particularly fond of watching Hollywood movies, you have probably seen this legendary man on screen more than once. Morgan Freeman, a Black man that is born and raised in the USA, may seem like he made a shortcut to his well-known success but he doesn’t. Without further ado, let’s look closely to how Freeman conquered his limitations to achieve triumph in the performing arts industry.


On June 1937, Morgan, a son of Mayme Edna and Morgan Porterfield Freeman, was born in Memphis, Tennessee. It has been tough for the family during that time because the then active Jim Craw Laws were undoubtedly against the welfare of the Black people. This gave the family of Freeman the reason to move to another location.

Through the years, Morgan realized his passion for acting and utilized all his money to learn the craft. He would spend his cash on buying CDs or going to cinemas just to watch movies. Thus, in his early years, he decided he wanted to pursue his passion by auditioning to several casting events. However, his enthusiasm for acting was met with rejections.

The Breakthrough

Due to his failure in earning a project, Morgan decided to spend several years by being a pilot in the air force. Nonetheless, his passion for film was still burning inside his heart. Morgan then decided that he’ll give it another shot by applying for auditions despite his age. He was 45 back then and yet, he still found no success.

However, everything changed when he turned 50. It was the year of his breakthrough and lots of movies that he appeared in are the famous ones. These become the turning point of his acting career and a massive pool of audience is finally recognizing who “Morgan Freeman” is.

At the age of 67, Morgan created history when he won the Oscar’s Best Supporting Actor for his remarkable performance in the movie Million Dollar Baby.

Morgan Freeman is yet another great example and inspiration not only for the Black People but for individuals around the world. Do you know that Freeman actually criticized the celebration of Black History Month? On 2005, he mentioned how he was against the celebration because according to what he stated, “Black History is American History.” Such a powerful declaration, right?

Leaving Great Impact among the Black People

In addition to his impact among the Black community, Freeman also serves as an encouragement for everyone who is trying their best to achieve success. He serves as a reminder that victory shouldn’t be encased in the box of age limit. You might want to be a recognized dancer at 25, be a well-known musician at 26 or be an established writer at 27, but not being able to achieve success at this certain “deadlines” shouldn’t discourage you in any way. Every time you feel that you’re a bit of late for attaining victory, always go back to the story of the legendary man who breaks out through the limits and deadlines that are set by society. Morgan Freeman became an Oscar awardee when he was 67, so what makes you think that you have to be way too early?

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Brush Strokes for a Cause: The Story of Kara Walker

fine art paintings
By: Catherine Watts

Kara Walker, an award-winning painter, has been admired across the globe for her distinct style of showing thoughts about discrimination. One of the proofs is the recognition that she received from TIME magazine. Due to her courage personality and liberal thoughts that she showcased through her fine art paintings, Kara belonged in “TIME 100” list last 2007.


On November 1969, a daughter of a painter was born in Stockton, California. Due to the early exposure to his father’s paintings, Kara Walker aspired to be a painter even when she was just 3 years old. Her desire to create stories through paint grew fonder as she grew older. However, her preferences in painting style and niche shows variations as her early years pass by. She started exploring in different styles until she discovered her love for historical paintings and genre painting. Instead of pursuing perfection among his creations, she put her focus in portraying the story that she wants to impart in the best way that she can.

Kara attended Atlanta College of Art wherein she enrolled in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking. After she earned her degree in 1991, she then pursued a Master of Fine Arts in the same field at the Rhode Island School of Design. On the year that she graduated, Kara started to plant more seeds for her career as a painter.

On the year 1994, Kara created a piece that has caught the attention of several critics around the world. Gone: An Historical Romance of a Civil War as It Occurred Between the Dusky Thighs of One Young Negress and Her Heart, her debut mural, piqued the curiosity of the massive crowd. Who wouldn’t be tantalized with the distinct and eccentric representation of black paper silhouette facade against the vast white wall?

Turning Paintings into Power Form

Nope, you don’t have to be a vocal activist in order to speak up against racism. Kara proved that her skills in painting give her an edge to fight for her beliefs through her own means. Since the debut mural that she created to put a great start to her career as an artist, she took advantage of the existing attention by producing more paintings with powerful themes of race and racism. Through the duration of her career, Kara has the chance to showcase her creations through solo exhibitions. The pool of institutions that made this possible include the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Metropolitan Museum of Art of in New York, Merseyside, England, Tate Liverpool in Liverpool, and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Kara’s passion for the Black community pushed her to use her brush strokes to create an impact among their welfare. This iconic woman highly believed that everyone has the ability to share their voice through their own means for the benefit of the people that you want to fight for. As for Kara, she utilized her artistic skills in speaking up about the undeserved discrimination that is usually experienced by people of color.

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From Rags To Riches: The Inspiring Narrative of Oprah Winfrey

the performing arts
By: Catherine Watts

On the past years when white male dominated the news, acting, hosting and the performing arts industry, Oprah Winfrey, a proud Black woman, proved her power by rising up from what’s supposed to be her limitations. Through the years, this influential star is rising continuously to break the skepticism and discrimination against the Black people. Considered as the richest American African all over the world, Oprah, along with her background story, proved that being in the rock-bottom can force someone to work her way up to the top.


On January 1958, a baby girl of Vernita Lee (a housemaid) was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi. Due to financial restrictions of her own family, she was forced to live with her grandmother in the poor suburbs of their town. Owing to their extreme poverty, it is reported that Oprah was actually seen wearing dresses that are made from the sack of potatoes. At the age of six, she moved back to the house where her separated mother lived. When she was nine, as she later stated on her show, she experienced being molested by her uncle, her cousin and a family friend. This continued for years until she ran away from home at the age of 13. Yet, her hardships don’t stop here.

When she was 14, Oprah became pregnant but her premature-born son died during the stage of infancy. After this heartbreaking loss, she then decided to live with his father in Tennessee. This is the part when her life took an interesting turning point. Oprah started to take her studies seriously which paid off by making her a student with honors. She then began establishing a name for herself when she was recognized as East Nashville High School’s “Most Popular Student” and when she won numerous awards in speech contests. This gave her the chance to attain a scholarship for studying at Tennessee State University.

The initial stages of her stardom started when she has been accepted for a co-anchor job in a local Radio Station when she was 19. On the year 1984, she began hosting for an early morning show “AM Chicago” which is soon renamed as “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. Who would have thought that a poverty-stricken girl would turn into the most iconic and most influential woman of the century?

Pushing the Barricades of Limitations

Oprah might be well-known for her hosting career but this promising woman is also an actress, a media executive, a television producer, and a philanthropist. She shares her success with other people by founding a charity named “Oprah’s Angel Network”. It is reported that this charity donated $10 million for the welfare procedure of Hurricane Katrina. This and her other huge contributions to the humanity made Oprah the 32nd most philanthropist person in the world according to the statistics. Thus, it can be concluded that no matter how difficult life may seem, it depends on you whether you want to use your situation as a disadvantage or an advantage. Oprah maximized her obstacles by using them an inspiration to work hard and be successful. As to your own situation, it depends on you whether you want to adopt this strong attitude or not.

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Verses versus Discrimination: The Story of Gwendolyn Brooks

literary arts

Enlightening the world with her words is Gwendolyn Brooks’ goal behind her poetry. Well-known for her enticing and honest works, the female poet created a record for being the first African American to receive a Pulitzer Award for her book Annie Allen (1949). After winning the award, Brooks continued to work hard in literary arts for imparting her messages against discrimination and race prejudice. Through the years, she utilized the fame she gained by using her sonnets and free verses to change the way society looks in the Black community. The iconic poet maximized her creativity in the best way that she can to tell the world that race prejudice is not okay and will never be okay. Thus, she is looked up as an inspiration not only for the Black community but also across the whole globe.


On June 1917, Gwendolyn Elizabeth Brooks was born in an African American family in Topeka, Kansas. When she was just six weeks old, her family decided to move to Chicago wherein the vibrant beginning of her childhood has taken place.  During her late childhood, she attended three high schools which include Englewood High School, Wendell Phillips Academy High School, and Hyde Park High School. Due to some of these institutions, Brooks was exposed early to racial discrimination. Instead of looking at it as a bad experience, she used the racial prejudice that she encountered as an inspiration for her future writing career that she started when she was young. In the year of 1936, she began working on publishing her pieces right after she graduated from Wilson Junior College.

Brooks described her writing style as “folksy narrative” wherein she utilizes different styles such as sonnets, free verse, and many more. The poems she wrote generally tell the story about the daily life of the Black community. For instance, A Street in Bronzeville and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Annie Allen portray the situations that are often happening in the Black urban poor. Brooks’ poems are like social documentaries about the unseen and unobserved aspects of the life of people with color.

The Army of Words

Through her eternal words and living characters, Gwendolyn Brooks aimed to improve the life of her fellowmen in the best way that she can. She maximized the power of rhymes and stanzas in imparting her compassion to gradually remove the undeserved discrimination that is felt by the minorities. Her verses have comforted those who feel oppressed and she made them feel that they are not alone in their journey. The wit of her mind embossed the eternal impact among the hearts of those who have read her free verses and sonnets.

If you have always been afraid to speak up about something that you think can give a great benefit for others, always remember Brooks’ courage to put her thoughts into words. This iconic poet used the creative side of her brain to put her musings into the paper in the most creative way. You should definitely look at her as an inspiration to use your passion for creating a change in this world.

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Conquering Limitations: Beyonce’s Tale

musical arts
By: Catherine Watts

It’s the fresh start of February and for those who don’t know, this month is considered as the Black History Month. To share the joy of celebration, Hathart prepared a #BlackSeries wherein each day, we’re going to tackle the best Black artists of the history. The best way to start the series? It’s none other than beginning the sequence with a groundbreaking artist of all time: Beyonce.

Who would not know about the notorious pop star that’s been gracing the stages since her early childhood? Keyence Giselle Knowles, more known as Beyonce, has been one of the revolutionary Black women who entered the huge musical arts industry. You’ll see this confident woman impressing her audiences with her extraordinary talents and undeniable charisma. With her strong stage presence, you won’t ever forget how she can make your crazy in love with her. 


Unlike her star status nowadays, Beyonce used to be a meek girl back when she was just a child. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Beyonce was a shy and introvert daughter of Mathew and Tina. Noticing her withdrawn personality, her parents signed her up for dance class when she was 7. Consequently, this dance course leads to Beyonce’s breaking out of her shell. When Matthew and Tina saw their daughter perform for the first time, they were astonished by her extraordinary stage talent and confidence. They never expected that this young girl has the power to win not only dance contests but also singing competitions that she joined. At this point, they realized that their daughter has the utmost potential to reach triumph in the performing industry.

The Power of Failure

Perhaps, you might not have thought that Beyonce has experienced any downfall along her journey. However, this bears a false accusation. On the initial stage of her performing career, she decided to form a girl group wherein his father was the manager. They practiced all the time, they persisted to abide in strict diets, and they endured insufficient talent fees every time they perform anywhere. They don’t mind doing all these sacrifices especially when they were about to score a contract signing with Silent Partner Productions last 1995. However, this deal doesn’t go as they wanted.

 A lot of other girl groups would probably be discouraged by their failures but Beyonce and the other members of their group refuse to give up. With perseverance and willpower, they soon reap the benefits of their sacrifices. On 1997, they finally scored a deal with Columbia Records with Destiny’s Child as their name. This marks the beginning of Beyonce’s continuous steps to the top.

Several songs of Destiny’s Child have top of the charts and have been sold to millions of their fans. Through the years, they have been an iconic girl group that graces numerous stages around the world. However, Beyonce refused to be boxed in with the limits of being a member of the group and gradually pursued a solo career as a singer, dancer, songwriter, and actress. On their official group breakup last 2006, Beyonce made the event a powerful turning point to follow her own stoke towards success. She never failed.

The Black Inspiration

Through the years of being a successful performing icon, Beyonce gained the power to speak up with regards to the welfare of women and Black people. Therefore, she has been looked up as an inspiration to a massive crowd with regards to triumph and societal limitations. With all the influence that Beyonce imparts, this superstar undoubtedly proved that success is possible as long as you work hard and as long as you believe that you can.

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How to Crowdfund for Your Next Big Project

private and public funding in performing arts

A few years ago, the thought of making revenue from an idea would have been impossible. People would surely frown once you’ve tried to sell a product that doesn’t even exist. Others would also call you a scammer. However, fast forward to the present, private and public funding in performing arts and visual arts finally exist and you will be able to name various companies that pre-sell their products every day. Now that’s the magic of crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a dream come true to every entrepreneur. Most businesspeople define it as entrepreneurship at its core. Whether it’s an idea, an event or an app, being able to find the right people and platform wherein you can pre-sell your product is one of the most excellent ways to revolutionize your entrepreneurial dream. However, no matter how good it sounds, crowdfunding also comes with unseen risks and challenges. If you’re among the amateur businessmen who want to increase your chances of being in the positive side of art and economy relationship, here are some tips that can help you out.

  1. Find out if your idea sounds tempting to investors.

For your next big project to be successful, you need to find out first if your idea is right for crowdfunding. To get a large number of people interested in your idea, here are some key factors to consider:

  • Is your product the first of its kind?
  • If there is a similar product, are you sure yours can offer better solutions than the existing ones?
  • Is there something that makes your product unique?
  • Are there enough hungry investors to fund your next big project?

You can only answer the questions above with confidence once you’ve fully understood the perspectives of your potential backer as well as your target market.

  • Check out the existing crowdfunding platform.

These days, there are hundreds of active crowdfunding sites. Of course, checking them all would consume much time so you might as well start with the few that stand out above the rest. Among the highly recommended these days based on demographics, audience size and campaign options are Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, Publishizer, and Patreon. Feel free to check out the other sites if you think that the biggest ones will not be a good fit for your product.

  • Set up a page for your crowdfunding campaign.

Once you’ve finally chosen a platform, it’s time to start planning how your campaign page would look like. Of course, carrying out research is always the first move. Here are some of the top factors to consider:

  • Find out if there are similar products on your chosen platform.
  • Check out highly funded projects and analyze the factors why they’re working well.
  • Analyze the factors that didn’t work on failed campaigns.
  • Prepare a spreadsheet wherein you keep a list of data. Check as many results as you can.
  • Create a simple but good title.

You’re trying to sell out your idea, not a blog post. Remember, the only people who will read your title are only those backers who are interested in your project category. Getting clever is not a bad thing; however, avoid giving your product a clickbait title. Most people will skip once they got confused about what you’re offering.

  • Create videos that tell your story.

It might be easy to get backers to get interested in your idea. However, convincing them to invest right away will not be easy. It would be best if you guaranteed them that your plan would give them tangible results.

On some crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter, you are allowed to tell your story through videos. When people visit your page, it’s the first thing that they will see. However, you need to ensure that your video has a highly convincing pitch. Here are a few tips that can give your video story a high-quality pitch:

  • Be transparent to your audience by showing your face or by providing a voice over. No one in their right mind would stash out money to someone they do not see.
  • Be clear and direct. If your video takes too long, it’s possible that viewers would leave even before you have mentioned the unique features of your product.

It’s not necessary to spend a fortune on a video creator. However, keep in mind that it’s unforgivable if you present your backers with a video that’s shaky. You must not forget about the audio quality as well.

  • Set a Reasonable Goal

Setting a goal that’s too low might put you in a dangerous position in the long run. Backers who have seen that you’ve already reached your limit would refuse to contribute. However, if you set it too high, it can easily scare off backers especially if the figures are showing a slow start. Carefully consider the minimum amount you need to start your project. You can get a good idea by checking out the funding goals of similar projects.

  • Promote your crowdfunding campaign.

To achieve a significant amount of interest to your project, you need to promote your campaign. If no one sees it, it’s a sure fail. Among your top options are to inform the press about your project, to rely on paid advertising or to build an email list.

  • Deliver what you’ve promised.

Once you’ve successfully earned the fund you need from your backers, do not ever forget or take for granted your responsibilities. As you are developing your product, it is a must that you keep your investors updated. Assure them that you’ll deliver what you have promised. If you failed to do it, you would have a hard time earning their trust the next time an idea popped out of your mind again. However, if you stick to your promise and deliver results, they will be more than eager to back up your next big project.

Crowdfunding is like a bullet path to cash. However, do not dive in blindly into the game. It’s still business, and one wrong move can crush your exciting idea like trash. Worse, someone who’s thinking better than you might benefit to what you’ve lost. For more collaborative and learning opportunities, kindly visit our website.