Catherine Watts’ Bio

Catherine Watts is the Founder and the Chief Arts Lover of Hathart. But above everything, Catherine is also the person with the idea that she could create a for-profit business that is deeply committed to giving back.

The origin of this simple idea was not a recent development but instead sewed itself before Catherine was born. Her father was a huge lover of the performing and visual arts. He’s the type of man who loved listening to Disney music and showtunes while practicing his sculpting. Catherine’s father was sure to instill that same staunch devotion to his daughter.

While Catherine’s father passed down his love of the arts, her mother passed down a love for altruism. A woman who was always giving back, Catherine’s mother showed her how giving back was not only a moral obligation but also how it helped bring joy to her own life. To this day, her mom is quick to ask where her Christmas angel tree donations are and how many grandparents she will be adopting this year.  

At age 7, Catherine discovered three things: One, she was blind as a bat and needed glasses. Two, she had an entrepreneurial spirit when she would pilfer finger puppets from her father’s dental practice and sell them to kids for candy cash. Three, Catherine had a natural talent for singing. Soon, her parents had her enrolled in vocal lessons which she continued for more than a decade. With the help and support of her family and teachers, Catherine was able to win numerous awards and honors. She even travelled to 5 European countries as a featured soloist in the Sound of America Chorus.   

Hathart’s humble beginnings happened unintentionally. In 2015, Catherine spoke with a singer who was facing hardships in life because she had been unable to find enough time to write her music as well as to network effectively.  Being a former classically trained singer, Catherine decided that she wanted to create a platform for artists to further their careers. Moreover, she wanted to give back while doing it. Since that meeting in 2015, Catherine has become an expert in numerous areas of the arts and entertainment industry. Different kinds of artists can find resources she has created on her blog.

Catherine is a native of Virginia. She is an avid reader and spends her spare time refurbishing furniture, playing squash, and eating Asian cuisine. And as any true nerd would, she also likes jigsaw puzzles.