How Artistic Collaboration Can Help You Stand Out Among the Masses

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How Artistic Collaboration Can Help You Stand Out Among the Masses

So many musicians and artists are battling for respect and recognition. Thus, standing out from the crowd may seem like a daunting task.

In fact, the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) estimates there are over 2 million artists in the United States alone. That number includes musicians, composers, singers, designers, graphic artists, performance artists, and more.

And those are just the individuals we can track — that doesn’t include many indies and those just beginning their careers.

With that kind of competition, having an original vision or brand is crucial to your success. Here’s how you can start.

How Artistic Collaboration Can Help You Shine

There are several ways you can go about elevating your art and creating a unique mix. To catch the attention of the public as well, artistic collaboration is one of them.

In this case, collaboration means not so much as a partnership with another artist. Although, a melding of artistic styles or genres that combine to create something truly unique.

Lindsey Stirling, a violinist and performance artist, hit upon this technique when she stunned fans of America’s Got Talent with her choreographed violin performance — something that had never been done before.

Other artists use unconventional materials to create spectacular out-of-the-box artistic designs like Red Hong Yi did when she “painted” a tiger using tea leaves or created a mural on the wall of Facebook’s corporate headquarters using fire and chopsticks.

And finally, there are artists like Jabbawockeez, a silent, mask-wearing precision hip-hop dance group that wowed judges and fans of America’s Best Dance Crew to become crowd favorites and the eventual winners of the first season.

Perhaps they were inspired by Blue Man Group, a drumming group known for their full-body blue paint and lack of spoken words. While the two groups are both “masked” in some way and don’t speak, their performances are worlds apart. They give each other the freshness and originality that pops.

Thinking outside the box about your art and coming up with ideas that blur the lines between genres is a great way. Not only to hone your skills but also to develop something so original that people must take notice.

Traditional Art Collab — The Idea Factory

You can mix up your own skills and talents. Still, it isn’t the only way to collaborate your way toward something totally new and different.

You can pair up with artists within — or outside of — your genre to get the creative juices flowing. This kind of teamwork can be just what you need for your next ‘Aha!’ moment. Either music collaboration, performance art collab, or some other genre; the one that might make you a star.

How Hathart Helps You Stand Out

A great way to encourage art collaboration ideas is to connect with other artists in a safe, online environment.

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Catherine WattsHow Artistic Collaboration Can Help You Stand Out Among the Masses