How Artistic Collaboration Can Increase Your Social Media Presence

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by Catherine Watts

Social media gives you access to an audience of billions, yet oftentimes, artists don’t take full advantage of the increase in viewership and exposure this modality offers.

Visual artists definitely get impact from social media, as media with images are more likely to be shared.

But performance and musical artists get a visual boost with platforms like YouTube, where they can showcase snippets — or entire songs — to give audiences a “taste” of their brand, along with other members of the music making community.

Two Ways to Incorporate Artistic Collaboration for Social Media Presence

Artists are lucky — research shows that social media users like posts that are 80 percent entertaining and just 20 percent promotional.

This means social media is a perfect way for artists — visual, musical, performance, and others — whose work is entertainment and promotion rolled into one, to get seen.

And your voice can be louder when artistic collaboration is part of your social media strategy.

You can collaborate by joining specialized communities within established social media platforms, like the Coterie on Instagram or Urban Sketchers on Facebook, or a music-making community like BandCamp.

Or, you can network with other artists on platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to find opportunities for music collaboration, art collaboration, and other ways to expand your reach.

How Social Media Helps Sell Art — and How to Tap into the Trend

Social media is visual, vibrant, and it’s a constantly changing, sharing community. In other words, the perfect place to market, and sell, your art.

In fact, some artists make more than 40 percent of their sales from social media exposure, which is no small amount.

The important thing is to get yourself out there, make some friends online, and help promote them because social media is, well, social.

The more people you connect with, the more opportunities there will be for online music collaboration, artistic collaboration, or all kinds of other mashups of creativity that can help launch your brand into the public eye.

A great way to start increasing your social reach is by connecting with other artists in a safe, online environment.

Hathart is a social networking platform where performing and visual artists meet.

Our multi-faceted site will provide the kind of career- and creativity-nurturing space you need to get your social media presence off the ground.

The online space at Hathart will allow you to connect and forge new alliances, showcase your work, and get inspiration for future endeavors, all in one convenient spot.

We provide a jobs database, a place to upload portfolios and receive feedback, and an excellent way to find other artists with whom you can collaborate.

If you want to connect with a group of enthusiastic, motivated creative professionals and get your work noticed, please register for free at


"Hello All! My name is Catherine Watts and I am the founder of Hathart. For 10 years I was trained as an opera singer. One of the biggest problems I found was that I could not find steady gigs or network with larger groups. Although Facebook and my personal contacts in the arts industry helped me, I found that I needed something more centralized and specialized. That's when I decided to create Hathart. I wanted to build a platform where artists could collaborate with each other and find work. With your help, I hope to grow Hathart into a one-stop shop for the arts and entertainment industry. Thank you for the support and please provide any feedback you can think of!"

Catherine Watts
Catherine WattsHow Artistic Collaboration Can Increase Your Social Media Presence