Ceramic Clay Tools, 45PCS Pottery Sculpting Tools Set for Beginners Professional Art Crafts, Wood and


➤Clay Color Shapers: Remove fingerprints and blemishes from the surface of clay or for color shaping, blending and drawing.
➤Ball Stylus: Make dots, smooth lines in clay or emboss on soft metal or paper.
➤Wooden Sculpture Knives: For clay modeling, scraping, smoothing, shaping and cutting.
➤Sculpting Tools: For clay sculpting, brushing, cleaning and more.
➤Pottery Sponge: pottery sponge to not only add or absorb water during production, but also to polish the pottery after being made.
➤Soft Silicon head will not absorb the material. Subtle detailed or broad strokes, Allow you to move paint easily, apply pastel, carve images in wet paint, clay sculpting , and remove paint.

➤Sizes: 4.8-8.2inch.
➤Materials: Metal, Wood, Silicone Rubber.

✊➤ Features:
➤provide variety of carving shapes to give you more flexibility for your designs.
➤Lightweight and comfortable construction makes your design much easier.
➤High quality design for a long-lasting use, easy to clean and storage.
➤Suitable for Beginners and Experts. Every craftsperson should have one.
➤Augernsi 45pcs Pottery Tools Kit is a great addition to any craft or hobby collection, whether you’re just beginning or already know the ropes!

✊➤Package Contents:
➤45 PCS Pottery and Sculpting Tools Set.

➤This item contains functional sharp points and should not be used by young children.
➤Adult supervision is required and adult assistance may be needed.
➤Please put it out of children’s reach.

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  • ✊➤VERSATILE SHAPING SET: Augernis 45pcs pottery tools yield a wide variety of options like smoothing, cleaning, carving, shaping and sculpting to bring your vision to life. Give you more flexibility for your designs.
  • ✊➤INVEST IN QUALITY: These durable and finely crafted tools are easy to work with and clean. The wooden handles are smooth and comfortable yet ensuring a firm and secure grasp. Corrosion resistant metal tipped heads are solid and bend but don’t break when pressure is applied.
  • ✊➤UNIQUE DESIGN: Very flexible tips almost as good as your own finger, you can get into tiny areas. The tips are just so soft and flexible but offer decent resistance, and would shape clay effectively. Each tool to worthy allows you to use different techniques.
  • ✊➤PARAMETER: Sizes between 4.8-8.2 inches, smooth, comfortable to hold and easy to use. These handy little tools are lightweight and sharp, providing for fine detailing, accuracy, and efficiency.
  • ✊➤RAISE YOUR ARTWORK TO THE NEXT LEVEL: The most sought-after basic tools for a clay/pottery/ceramic masterpiece. Perfect gift for anyone who loves to play and work with clay, be it a beginner or a professional modeler!


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