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Fender’s Acoustic 100 amplifier delivers full, a natural tone for acoustic-electric guitar and microphone. Its specially designed wood shell complements the acoustic guitar’s form and voice. The perfect portable system for solo performances, the Acoustic 100 amp has two channels designed for instrument or microphone use, each with studio-quality effects. Other convenient features include Bluetooth wireless streaming, an integrated handle, universal voltage for international use, and more.


Choosing the best guitar amps is probably one of the hardest things to do nowadays. Due to the numerous amounts of offers available in the market, finding the right one seems impossible. But this is your lucky day! This Fender Acoustic 100 Guitar Amplifier is one of the finest choices you have.


  • 100 W Amplifier specifically designed for acoustic guitar and vocals
  • Bluetooth connectivity to stream audio from your phone
  • 8″ full-range speaker with “Whizzer” cone for enhanced clarity
  • Onboard professional sounding digital effects
  • USB Jack for streaming or recording audio to a computer. 

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