Fender Custom Shop Performance Series Instrument Cable


Fender cables are designed specifically for live performance – engineered to avoid twisting, kinking, and having any “physical memory” and ultimately delivering the best sonic balance between your performance and your equipment. Backed by a lifetime warranty, Fender cables are an excellent choice for all your cable needs.


Instrument cables are one of the most important factors in every performance. It is responsible for connecting the instruments to speakers that allow the delivery of louder sounds. So, if you are looking for something that will help you connect to various instruments, then this Fender Custom Shop Performance Series Instrument Cable is a fine choice for you.

Fender Custom Shop Performance Series Instrument Cable Features:

  • 23AWG Oxygen-Free Copper Conductors
  • Also, Ultra low capacitance levels for superior tone
  • Durable 6.5mm PVC Jacket with molded strain relief
  • Finally, a flexible cable construction prevents twisting, kinking and tangling

Provide clearer and louder music in every gig and events. Perform your best hits and mesmerize the crowd with the music. Connect instruments with the help of these instrument cables.

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