Fender Premium Plush Microfiber Polishing Cloth


Premium Plush Microfiber Polishing Cloth This Premium Care Cloth is one of the best polishing cloth that can assist your polishing needs and is safe for nitrocellulose lacquer finishes.

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This premium microfiber polishing cloth from Fender has millions of microfibers that remove and trap dirt, dust, and grime. Traditional cotton cloths with thicker fibers merely push dirt, dust, and grime around on the instrument surface without trapping it. Which is why this polishing cloth is more preferred by many households.

Microfiber Polishing Cloth Features:

  • This polishing cloth won’t harm chrome or polished surfaces. 
  • This polishing cloth is lint free which means it is high-quality.
  • It can help you in any of your polishing needs. 

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