TOPFUND Singing Bowls Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Pyramid 8 inch


Crystal singing bowl benefit at all levels of human being. Sound and frequency affects every atom & every cell. When an organ or body part is healthy, it creates a natural resonant frequency in harmony with the rest of the body. When the vibration of a part of the body is out of harmony, we have dis-ease. With dis-ease, a different sound pattern is established in the affected part of the body. When sound is projected into the dis-eased area, correct harmonic patterns are restored. There are many methods of healing with sound. Mantras and chants have been used for thousands of years. Many acoustic instruments are used in a variety of ways to effect change. The human voice is perhaps the most powerful musical instrument.

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  • High purity quartz made crystal singing pyramid, the highest quality standards and the best quality crystal singing pyramid in the world made by TOPFUND. Each singing pyramid quality musical tones and chakra tuned inspection guaranteed.
  • All TOPFUND crystal singing pyramid are Local fast shipping inside USA by FedEx, DHL, UPS or USPS, 2-5 days shipping time guaranteed.
  • Instructions papers of Reiki bowls , the red knitted tape and suede stick included inside each singing pyramid package.
  • TOPFUND Industry is a professional manufacturer of quartz products, such as quartz crystal singing bowl, tuning fork, didgeridoos, crystal Singing Pyramid and Steel Tongue Drum, and so on .
  • Free Replacement for singing bowls broken during shipping and 30 days return guaranteed .


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