Neewer Portable 5 in 1 60cm Translucent, Silver, Gold, White, and Black Collapsible Round Multi Disc



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Product Description

A Must For Studio Or Outdoor Photography! This is a 5 in 1 multi photo reflector disc 22 inches / 60 cm. It comes with silver, gold, black, white and translucent surfaces, as those are the most popular reflectors in photography. It also folds into a easy to carry pouch for added convenience. Specifications: Shape: Round Size open: 22 inches (60cm) Size collapsed: 8 inches(22 cm) round Fits any standard reflector holder Multifunctional The silver side is very reflective and brightens both shadows and highlights, but does not change the color of the available light.

The gold side side works basically the same way, while adding a warmer color to the image. The white side brightens up the shadows to produce a softer light. It is not as bright as the silver side so you can get closer to your subject. The black side just the opposite, and is used to subtract light and create shadows in certain areas. Using Diffusers In the middle of the frame is a translucent material which is used as a diffuser. This side is usually held directly above the subject to soften the sun’s natural light. It will always go between the light source and the subject.


  • Use it stand alone or simply zip on whichever surfaces you wish to use to changes the lighting effect as you will.
  • You can use it outdoor or in the studio, this professional reflector allows you complete lighting control in a really neat and simple way
  • Built-in accessory loop allows you to hold, hang or mount, and when you finished, a simple twist instantly folds it right down to almost 1/3 size.
  • Comes with a handy storage case so that you can take it anywhere you like
  • Shape: Round

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Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 4 in
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