New Art Materials – 21-Piece Acrylic Painting Table Easel Set



  • 21 5/8″ High Small Laptop Studio H-Frame Easel
  • 12-12ml Acrylic Paint Color Tubes
  • 1-11″x14″ Artist Stretched Canvas
  • 6-Piece Artist Bristle Wood Handle Brush Set
  • Plastic 10-Well Rectangular Palette

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Enhance your creativity with this new art materials. This set includes different tools specifically for painting and will help you create more amazing art.


  • 12-Tubes Acrylic Painting Colors – these colors will bring more life to every painting. Aside from that, it allows the painter to mix more colors and create more pallets.
  • 11″x14″ Stretched Canvas – this stretched canvas allows the painter to create a wide scenery or a more detailed object since it will provide more space than small canvas.
  • 6 Artist Brushes – brushes are the main contributors to a great painting. Different brushes allow the painter to create various strokes.
  • Plastic Palette with 10 Wells – this set of new art materials also includes a plastic palette well to mix more colors.

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