The Arts: Art Expectations Versus Reality

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by Catherine Watts

The art world is so romanticized by popular culture that the reality of it can hit a young (or old) artist upside the head — hard.

Who hasn’t graduated from art school with visions of galleries dancing in their heads, only to find themselves barely able to pay the rent on a studio apartment while working two jobs — one at the local Seven-Eleven — to make ends meet?

Or finally “made it” as a gifted operatic performer, only to find that “Opera Singer” ads in the Help Wanted section of the paper are few and far between? I personally know that struggle, as I was once an opera singer with more than 10 years of training.

Or perhaps you’re an indie musician that has just realized marketing is as much a part of your art — or maybe more — than the way you string those chords together.

Don’t worry if you can relate to one — or more — of these art expectations. You’re only human after all! The important thing is to realize that, while you must submit to reality (at least part of the time!), you shouldn’t let it crush your spirit.

How Art Expectations Can Become Reality

The words “overnight success” are often bandied about in creative circles, but rest assured, most artists did not become successful overnight.

Or even in a lifetime.

In fact, some of the most well-known artists of all time were not even popular until after they were dead. Like these:

Vincent Van Gogh

Franz Kafka

El Greco

Johann Sebastian Bach

Edgar Allen Poe

Okay, so maybe you don’t want to have to die trying for your fifteen minutes of fame. Then take a look at these artists, who became famous when they were a bit older.

Sheryl Crow – 32

Debbie Harry (Blondie) – 33

Jay-Z – 38

Or how about even older?

Grandma Moses – 88

Paul Cézanne – 50s

Mary Delany – 68

The point is, you never know when fame and fortune is going to find you — or if it will at all.

The only thing you can be sure of is this: If you don’t work toward it, keeping the faith and letting your creativity go undampened by the complications of reality, you won’t ever realize the amazing, productive future that can be yours.

Change Your Reality to Match Your Expectations

A great way to start helping your reality match your dreams is by connecting with other artists in a safe, online environment where you could achieve artistic collaboration, and find a music making community.

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We provide a jobs database, a place to upload portfolios and receive feedback, or find a band for your event, and it’s an excellent way to find other artists with whom you can collaborate.

In other words, we provide a way for you to help turn your artistic wishes into the reality you’re dreaming of.

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"Hello All! My name is Catherine Watts and I am the founder of Hathart. For 10 years I was trained as an opera singer. One of the biggest problems I found was that I could not find steady gigs or network with larger groups. Although Facebook and my personal contacts in the arts industry helped me, I found that I needed something more centralized and specialized. That's when I decided to create Hathart. I wanted to build a platform where artists could collaborate with each other and find work. With your help, I hope to grow Hathart into a one-stop shop for the arts and entertainment industry. Thank you for the support and please provide any feedback you can think of!"

Catherine Watts
Catherine WattsThe Arts: Art Expectations Versus Reality